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We combine over 100 years of  fastener experience with an eagerness to help solve the difficult challenges  your business faces every day. It’s our attention to detail and commitment to  excellence that sets us apart from our competition. We pride ourselves in being  a leader in fastener distribution, getting you the  parts you need faster and more affordably than the competition.


Since we only require $25 minimums on our fasteners, we always maintain aggressive pricing and Solution Industries is bound to be your preferred supplier!


In addition to our industrial fasteners, we bring a complete line of standards,  including socket caps, hex caps, stripper bolts, both flat and button sockets,  socket sets, screws, locknuts, nuts, washers and more.

Solution Industries specializes in distributor partnerships!

Consistency and reliability are the differentiating factors when choosing a vendor . At Solution Industries, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality product while delivering a first-rate customer service experience.  With an amazing on-time delivery rate and exceptional customer support - we are the solution.

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